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As designers we commonly find ourselves in the situation where we need 10 - 15 high quality graphics for our designs.

However, finding this amount of illustrations that both depict what we have in mind and share a common art style is very challenging and time consuming. Often we end up spending hours and hours looking for similar illustrations across different sites and collections and even more hours on "one more try" to edit the illustrations to make them fit.

All this effort just to end up having to settle on a compromise of either accepting style inconsistencies or not having the perfect depiction.
This isn't even mentioning that stock image libraries are often expensive.
Bigger companies who can afford it solve this problem by hiring in-house illustrators, but what about the rest? 

This is why we founded PictoGraphic. Our mission is to bring the most complete and organized illustration sets to everyone, so you never have to make any compromises, no matter how small your budget is. When we say complete, we mean complete: PictoGraphic will have illustrations for every single word in the English language.

We are at the start of this journey and excited that you are part of it, Thank You! 

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